top,shoes Zara | jeans OASAP | bag bohemian style | necklace forever21 | sunglasses dolce&gabbana

these jeans are pretty cool right? got them from oasap and i think they look great with the zara sandals. i  am busy packing some boxes 
because i’m moving this sunday. school starts the 3th of september but we have two weeks of introduction first. between all the 
packing i love to enjoy the good weather that we’re having right now in holland. 
last friday i couldn’t resist stopping by at vero moda. i’ve taken a quick look at all the items and found so many things that i’m going to 
get during the shopping spree which i won! i decided i am going to share my prize with my lovely friend Ana Sofia who always helps 
me with my photos 🙂 can’t wait!


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