i went to one of my favorite stores yesterday: primark! i live in the south of holland and the two primark stores we have are in the big cities (north!) so it takes a lot of time to get there. every time i go there with a friend we wake up at about 6, take the bus at 7 and the train at 7.30 so we get there at 9.00. SO early but so worth it because it’s still quite calm then. by the time we’re ready fitting our clothes at about 12 the store’s always filled with people everywhere, chaos!! i finally found a (fake) leather jacket which i’ve been looking for for quite a while now so i’m really happy 😀 and i love the rings because they remind me of the YSL arty rings a little! the jeans fit perfectly and the fabrics of the tops are great! the primark autumn collection is great so if you have the chance to go you should do it 🙂

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