i bought this beautiful ring online but unfortunately it’s too small! returning it would cost me a lot so i was thinking: let’s give it to one of my lovely followers! i bought another one, a bigger one, for myself which will arrive soon so we’ll be wearing the same ring haha πŸ˜€ just to make it clear, you probably already have seen it but this is not a real YSL arty ring it’s a fake one. the diameter is 17mm (normally that’s my ring size too but this one doesn’t fit so make sure you have pretty small fingers).
and the only two things you have to do to be able to get this ring are …
follow me with google friend connect and leave a comment with your email adress
everyone can enter, from all over the world!
good luck πŸ™‚

the coat

me wearing my new coat! i love it so much i couldn’t resist wearing it! and i must say the weather wasn’t that great the past couple of days (well, you can say weeks) so i kind of needed to wear it. the weather was awful this summer and it isn’t getting any better.. only 10 days of summer holidays left unfortunately so let’s keep our fingers crossed! i’ve got some good news for you: 2 giveaways are coming up! so keep checking out my blog, tomorrow the first one will start!

and i’ve got a request: i’m searching for a scandinavian or german follower! there’s this cardigan from gina tricot which i REALLY need and they don’t ship to the netherlands πŸ™ i’m searching for someone who’s willing to buy this cardigan for me and send it to me. of course i will pay all the costs and you’ll get a reward for the effort. i’d really appreciate it if someone could do this for me. if you want to, please contact me: πŸ™‚


i went to one of my favorite stores yesterday: primark! i live in the south of holland and the two primark stores we have are in the big cities (north!) so it takes a lot of time to get there. every time i go there with a friend we wake up at about 6, take the bus at 7 and the train at 7.30 so we get there at 9.00. SO early but so worth it because it’s still quite calm then. by the time we’re ready fitting our clothes at about 12 the store’s always filled with people everywhere, chaos!! i finally found a (fake) leather jacket which i’ve been looking for for quite a while now so i’m really happy πŸ˜€ and i love the rings because they remind me of the YSL arty rings a little! the jeans fit perfectly and the fabrics of the tops are great! the primark autumn collection is great so if you have the chance to go you should do it πŸ™‚