don’t worry,  it’s fake 😉 faketattoos.se asked me to review one of their fake tattoos so they sent me this cute little owl. i decided
to place it below my armpit, the place where normally your bra strap is supposed to be. i don’t think i am really a tattoo type but
it was very fun to test this. it was really easy to apply (with a wet towel/sponge in 30 seconds) and it lasts for about 7 days.
 the website also has some other cool designs like feathers and swallows. it’s really fun to try and maybe you could use it as a test for when
you are seriously interested in getting a real one. or just for fun; it’s a great way to scare your mom 🙂
EDIT: make sure you change the currency from “SEK” to “EUR” so you can see the prizes in euros.

oh and i have something i’d like to share with you. e-tailwebstores has a new Facebook page and they’re giving away an iPad
to celebrate it. e-tailwebstores always has the latest updates(giveaways) about the cutest webshops like Dahlia 🙂 

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