these are the items i bought in New York!

this coat from topshop definitely is my favorite purchase

i also got these loafers at topshop. look at the gorgeous galaxy bag!!

i ran into these ELF pallettes at urban outfitters. perfect for a subtile smokey eye look

the left tee
says ‘what happens at the beach stays at the beach’ and it’s from Hollister. the right tee is from Zara.

bracelets! i think these prints are so cute together, also with my golden watch 🙂

! the white and beaded one is from Zara and the peach/orange-ish one is from an unknown little store in Manhattan.

i LOVE these comfy items. i got the blue pair at Hollister and the other items are from Victoria’s Secret, they’re perfect during these cold days in Holland!

another item i really love; this Zara jacket.

i got my favorite perfume Versace Bright Crystal in a really big version at the airport. since it has been my favorite perfume for the last two years i decided to go for a big version again. it definitely has become ‘my perfume’ 🙂

american goodies!
of course i needed to get the red cups, i love NY mug and froot loops. i have always wanted to try the froot loops since i saw them in the movie Mathilda! and i got a fun airhockey game for my stephfathers ipad, he has been so addicted to that thing lately.

  + A LOT of Victorias Secret items because there was a huge sale. but those purchases will be a secret between victoria and I 😉
+ of course Victoria’s Secret items for reader Hilde who had won our contest!
+ a lot of food, drinks, starbucks, metrocards, etc.etc.

+ flowers (purple ones of course!) for Stylight to thank them for this amazing trip!

which purchase(s) do you like the most? tell me!
the last day of our trip we did an outfit photoshoot with our new items. can’t wait to show you the result!

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