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so here’s my portfolio! these are just a couple of pages to show you a bit of what it looks like. in total the book has about 40 filled pages. i made this for my interview at the willem de kooning academie which was last wednesday. besides this portfolio i also brought some more things like the t-shirt from H&M with my photo on it and the book which i shot the cover for. i also brought some big art pieces (paintings, drawings and graphics) which i made at school. we were with about 15 appliers and we had to put all of our work on tables. a jury looked through our portfolios and meanwhile we had to do two assignments. 1 was easy 1 was pretty hard but i think i did a pretty good job. the interview also went well. and now i have to wait three weeks for the results. when i know whether i got accepted or not, i’ll let you know it immediately!
i’ve been working on this thing for hours and i think it looks great. what do you think?

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