the moment you’ve all been waiting for(haha)… my new items!
my favorites; these two suede jackets (€39,95)
4 pairs of jeans; black (€44,95), grey (€34,95), leather (34,95), pink (€29,95)
yellow/green blouse and cream blouse with beaded collar(€39,95)
loose black skirt with bow(€19,95), comfy knitted cream cardigan(€29,95) and leopard circle scarf(€14,95)
burgundy and navy blue zipper tops (€19,95)
two comfy sweaters and €39,95
tweed jacket and black blouse with collar details

leopard top and cream tunic (€26,95), winter coat with leather details (€89,95)

i am so lucky!!! these are the items that i got and all of this is worth 670 euros together. my friend shopped for 230
euros which means that we still have a 100 euros left! i am so happy with these items and i can create a lot of new outfits with
all of these clothes 🙂 the cream blouse can be combined with so many other items that i got. thank you soooooo much vero moda!!

edit; right now i don’t have time to add all of the prices to the items but if you want me to do that, please let me know in
a comment. i can add them later if you are interested!

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