high school prom. it has been a while ago but i finally have got all the pictures. it was such a great evening, ending school in a
fun way with all my school friends together. there was a big entrance ceremony with the most beautiful and orignial cars.
me and my best friends went in a red volkswagen van which you can rent on trouwbusje.nl. all of our friends, family and many more
people came to watch this great event. during the entrance a lot of pictures were taken and when everyone was out of their cars
we entered our school building for dinner.

after dinner we moved to another part of our school building for the big party. we all danced and chatted together and there
was a photostudio where you could have some photoshoots with your friends (had so much fun in this studio!). it was an unforgettable evening!

looking back at these photos gives me this double feeling. on one hand i have to laugh because the memories are great. on the other
hand i’m feeling quite sad because i’m going to miss my high school friends a lot. but of course we’ll stay in touch as much as possible 🙂

me, wearing silver details? yes! i ordered this dress on ebay. thought it would be peach coloured and with golden details but something
went wrong with the communication. this dress was custom made for me and the woman worked on it for about 3 months! we both

had understand each other wrong so in the end i was wearing a white and silver dress but i still love it. perfectly made and perfect fit 🙂

ps. did you notice my friend on the left on the first photo? she looks like a princess in that dress right? so cute!

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