i graduated high school!! yesterday was such a tensive day! if you didn’t graduate you would get a call from school between 3 and 4 pm.
if you didn’t got a call, you were graduated. everyone from my school was really nervous so we decided to create a special room in
this online game: achtung die kurve, so we were distracted from the nerves. it was such a good idea because the time went by really
fast (you should do this too when you have final exams next year). i didn’t got a call so i passed the exams!!!

half an hour later we also heard that my sister graduated too! she failed last year but now we are both done with high school 🙂

so i went to school to get my list with results. if i had 0,1 points less for economics or history i would
have to resit one of them. if i had 0,1 less for both economics and history i wouldn’t have been graduated at all. i am such a lucky girl!

yesterday there was a party at a classmate’s house to celebrate the graduation 🙂 and now i’m getting ready for Rotterdam! next week i will
get the keys to my new appartment so i can start with painting and decorating it. to everyone who graduated too: congratulations and well done!!!

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