Jordana is 26 years old and the owner of 1,5 years ago she wanted to do something with her love for fashion and especially accessories. this resulted in the creation of her own webshop stylaboo. on you can find jewellery, bags and wallets from national and international brands. with stylaboo you always know you’re unique, because jordana only sells products that aren’t widely available in other (web)stores. jordana thinks quality is very important so on her webshop you can only find high quality products. a couple of brands that she sells are Petra Reijrink, Chicadecanela, Paris House & Cellarrich. and …. jordana has given me the opportunity to give away a piece of jewellery(ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings) to one of my lovely readers!
you’re able to win one piece of jewellery which you can pick yourself!
if you want to win, please follow these steps:

– make sure you follow me with google friend connect
like Styleaboo on facebook

– leave a comment with your mail address + the item you want to win (go to, pick a piece of jewellery and put the
link of the item in your comment. please note: you can choose between rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces!!!)

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