a diary post about berlin day three, which was also the last day of my trip. i like doing these posts. good excuse for more trips 😉

my sister works at the Zalando headquarter in berlin and she asked us if we would like to see the office. of course! after a long
trip we arrived at this huge building. on the inside there are long rows of computers. behind every computer i saw someone
working on the website. i didn’t know that zalando has so much employees. the employees come from a lot of different countries.
pretty impressive to see! at the second photo you can see my sisters behind one of the computers.
the view from my sister’s apartment
the first day i was in berlin i received an e-mail from Robbert, who read about my trip on my blog. he sended me a suggestion: there was this building i really had to visit. so i took his advice and went there. result: really cool building with graffiti and stickers everywhere. there were artists presenting their works in little galeries. taking pictures inside the galeries was prohibited but i was able to take some shots of other parts of the building.
some parts of the building were quite creepy. these stairs on the right for instance, straight out of a horror movie!

i had a great time in berlin. you definitely have to go there if you get the chance 🙂

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