i just got back from berlin and i can’t wait to tell you about it and show you the pictures i took. i had a great time!
it was great seeing my sister again 🙂 i’m showing you the pictures in parts, starting with day 1:
the stores were closed the first day we were in berlin because it was the second day of christmas.
we decided to go sightseeing and our first stop was the cathedral of berlin.
the dome of the cathedral. impressed by its beauty. got to love the paintwork!!
on top of the cathedral. had to walk thousands of stairs but the view was definitely worth it!
the brandenburger tor
time for a break: hot chocolate and donuts at dunkin’ donuts (heaven)
the three of us together at the holocaust monument
there were little chrismas markets everywhere. loved the cute little houses. and definitely astonished watching
people drinking beer and eating ‘currywurst’ at 11 in the morning!

when we got back to my sister’s apartment we prepared everything for our christmas dinner 🙂

stay tuned for day 2: shopping!

18 thoughts on “DIARY || BERLIN DAY 1”

  1. Ziet er allemaal heel gezellig uit Jen!
    Mooie foto’s zeg,
    en haha ik word al moe bij het lezen dat je zoveel trappen moest lopen!
    Wat een leuke jassen dragen jullie trouwens (:

    Ben ernstig benieuwd naar je nieuwe aankopen,
    vooral naar de schoenen haha!

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