photos 6 & 10 by Team Peter Stigter and the rest by me.

last sunday i traveled to amsterdam for amsterdam fashionweek. i went to see the shows from Tony Cohen, Melissa Siegrist, Dorhout Mees, Shani van Breukelen and Marga Weimans. it was an amazing experience; seeing the models walk down the runway while hundreds of (famous) people were watching. felt so unreal! i loved the tony cohen show the most because of the beautiful fabrics, massive show, great models and the clothing is actually wearable too (unlike the creations you see on the last picture from marga weimans). tony cohen’s fabrics and designs inspired me a lot!

1. all models in a row during the Tony Cohen show! the show had some famous models like Kim Feenstra from HNTM.
2.  dark and nude colors, also in tony cohen’s show. i love the little leather details in the black dress.
3. Tony Cohen used this dark green color a lot, combined with different sorts of fabrics. i like it!
4. i spotted this big choker at Dorhout Mees‘ show, how awesome!
5. the total look with the big choker. dorhout mees showed us mostly long dresses, which is not really my thing but this look somehow interests me a lot. i think it’s because of the big choker and the soft colors, combined together.
6. the first mens wear show i have ever been to; melissa siegrist. it was fun to go to a mens wear show because i normally never do that or even get invited to them. i love how melissa used the same colors/tones in most pieces but still manages to make the items look totally different from each other.  and hello handsome guy in the middle!
7. i wouldn’t mind to have a boyfriend wearing clothes like these! and there was a live band on the catwalk too, how cool 🙂
8. the shani van breukelen show. as you can see she didn’t use bright colors, just black and earth tones. loved the reindeer sweater which the blonde girl is wearing!
9. black, black black! even black lips. although i never wear a totally black outfit i think it looks great!
10. the last one was the Marga Weimans show, which was really interesting. she made all kinds of futuristic designs and we saw models walking down the runway in cube dresses.
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