shirt, necklace, ring primark / jeans river island / ring guess / bracelet supertrash / bag H&M / shoes ZARA

thank you all so much for all the lovely comments, i’ve been getting a lot lately and i appreciate every one of it :)! today was a straaange day. at 11 in the morning the sky turned dark green and it started to rain. when the thunder storm came my dog got scared and jumped into my bed to cuddle. look how cute: click!!! after a couple of hours the sky was clear blue and the temperatures got up to about 26 degrees, strange! now i’m off to the gym, need to get rid of all the energy i didn’t use while i was having some lazy days. see you tomorrow!

since the giveaway is such a succes.. (already a 100 entries in just 4 days!!) i decided to close it when there are 120 entries.
so if you want to join, be quick! there are only a couple of entries left!
++++ tomorrow another giveaway! 🙂

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