sweater, belt Buon Vivere | bag Ebay | watch MK | turqois ring Primark

today’s outfit! i’m free from school today so i’m going to shop at a second hand store. afterwards it’s time for some dinner
and the beginning of the evening i will be spending at the city, shopping with my best friend 🙂 and tonight i probably
will go out with my friends at the local pub, celebrating the end of our testweek!! and there’s another reason for a party:
two days ago i reached a total of 700 followers on google friend connect! thank you all so much 🙂

the sweet Lucy from yours-lucy asked me if she could do an interview with me! if you’re interested in reading it,
you can find it here: click (it’s in Czech but at the bottom you can download an English version)
and you should check out her blog, she’s only 14 but she already has a great sense of style!

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